Our social involvment

Giving back to the community and live in harmony with it , these are values ​​that Bitumar is committed to . That is why we get involved socially in various local groups .

  • Industrial Association of Montreal East - AIME

    Bitumar is one of 13 members of the AIEM . The AIEM is an association of 13 members of the Montreal East that collaborate to harmonize urban life and industrial life of the region.
  • Citizens Committee

  • L'antre-Jeunes

  • St. Vincent de Paul Society

  • Breakfast Club

  • Parkinson Québec

  • Pointe-de-l'ile School Comission

  • Niagara's Rankin Cancer Run

  • Mount St-Joseph High School, Baltimore

  • Montreal Childrens Hospital

  • Ottawa Hospital Foundation

  • American Cancer Society

  • Escadron 4 De Maisonneuve
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