An Employer of Choice

At Bitumar, we strongly believe that the success of the company lies primarily in our staff. That is why over the years the company has always maintained a close line of communication with its employees. It is mainly thanks to them that Bitumar remains an employer of choice.

Top reasons to work within the Bitumar Family

A survey was distributed to employees to determine the reasons why people enjoy working for Bitumar. We selected the most popular reasons that emerged from the survey.

1.Good team spirit and quality of work colleagues
2.Bitumar cares about the well-being of its employees
3.Family spirit is very present within the organization
4.The employees appreciate the reputation Bitumar has in its industry
5.Product quality
6.The evolution of the company and its future prospects

Years of service recognition program

In the Bitumar family, we are convinced that it is the employees that makes the difference. Indeed, we are more than grateful for all the effort and time that an employee invests in the company. It is important for us that the employees know that they are the cornerstones of the company. That's why we reward our employees for their dedicated service every five years.

Compensation and Benefits

In order to offer our employees a fair remuneration, our company offers competitive salaries that reflect current market values.

Based on its results, the company may offer employees a discretionary bonus at the end of the year.

Group insurance coverage is in place for permanent employees.

Comprehensive integration program

In order to demonstrate the importance that employees have within the organization, we have implemented an integration program. This program allows new employees to integrate more easily into their new workplace.

Our process helps maintain the family atmosphere within our company and allows to integrate our new employees quickly and smoothly.

Training and development program / Talent Management

At Bitumar, the proper training and management of talents of our employees is of the utmost importance. We firmly believe that today's new employees are the leaders of tomorrow. By following this perspective, we offer employees various types of training in order to promote continous development.


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