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Bitumar is a company that integrates various activities and products to serve a diverse clientele


Head Office

Bitumar is a Quebec based company with a growing international presence, made up of an experienced management team that are driven to follow the company vision


Our Employees

At Bitumar, we strongly believe that the success of the company lies primarily in our employees.



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The Total solution

Bitumar Inc. is a privately owned company specializing in the production of liquid bitumen used in asphalt blends for road paving as well as for the roofing industry. Our goal is to produce safe, high quality, environmentally friendly asphalt products, that contribute to value-added productivity and long-term cost savings for our customers

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Our facilities

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Our Mission

  • To provide high quality environmentally friendly asphalt products that contribute to value-added productivity and long-term cost savings for our customers.
  •  To operate with a spirit of excellence, fully exploiting our core strengths to deliver superior customer service and ensuring future growth of our company.

What's New?

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Social Causes

Explore the causes that we hold close to our heart


Media Gallery

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Research and Deveopment

From the very begining, Bitumar has put a major emphasis on research and development.

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