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Starting with feedstocks acquired from the four corners of North America, Bitumar produces a multitude of paving and roofing grade asphalts.  The asphalts are produced using the latest state-of-the-art production technologies available for polymer modified paving asphalts and oxidized roofing asphalts.


Polymer modified asphalts meeting the following AASHTO M320 Performance Grade Specifications:

PG 52-34

PG 64-34

PG 52-40

PG 64-40

PG 58-28

PG 70-22

PG 58-34

PG 70-28

PG 58-40

PG 70-34

PG 64-22

PG 76-28

PG 64-28

PG 76-34

Other grades can be supplied with special orders

MSDS sheets (Click here to open)


Built-up roofing asphalts and industrial grade asphalts produced to roofing products manufacturer's specifications and ASTM-D312, CAN-CSA A123.4:

  • BUR Types 1, 2, 3 and 4
  • Coating

Burpak: The new shape of Bur (50 lbs/22,7 kg bag) is stable and compact in transit and in storage. Sealed polyethylene wrapping protects units against all weather conditions. Packaging melts and incorporates with asphalt.

BUR Type 1
BUR Type 2
BUR Type 3
BUR Type 4

MSDS sheets (Click here to open)

Associations and accreditationAssociations et accréditation

  • Asphalt Institute
  • ARMA
  • NRCA
  • NAPA
  • Bitume Quebec
  • ORBA
  • ct_pat

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